Hallo guys,yaaaaayy am so excited. Here’s my new blog after dreaming of one for like a year now. Am  a shy person but if it forces me then shy is not what to call me. 

I love fashion so  much,i always want to be a model but am petite. Am actually 5’3 and 112lbs. I love Bridget shighadi so much,from her skin to her slim fit body shape,her fashion. I totally like everything about her. (Sshhh I’ve always wanted to be like her,) no one said anything don’t tell her,hahaha. To me she has been of so much inspiration from the first day I started following her on Instagram,okay you didn’t see that coming. I actually don’t know her personally but I bet she’s just the best, from inner beauty to outside.

I do read her articles on her blog and I tell you it will let your heart. Am actually about to do my first photoshoot of which I’ll actually share it with you guys. This was inspired by her article’How to ace that Photoshoot’ for first timers. I really liked it and just realised I was preparing for it the wrong way,thanks to this miss wonderful. I’ll call her that,haha. I will write about it and maybe it will help another first timer too.

My Friends always asked me why I love her so much and all I say is look at her she’s more than amazing,and after she was nominated for the #asfas i couldn’t wait to vote a Million times. Check out her blog too and I bet as a young woman you will be inspired.

This is my first article,2017 yaaaaay great things are yet to come. And more articles that am sure will help you. @christinesinspirstions

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